Cookie Policy

This website is owned & operated by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.  (“we”, “us”, “our”, and “IMPACT”). We use cookies, a micro-sized text files downloaded onto your devices, and similar technologies to improve efficiency and user experience of the platform. This includes capability to display contents that are relevant to your next visit; as well as to commercially memorize, analyze, and display advertisements personalized for you. However, cookies approach of data collection neither address user’s individual identification nor disclose source of data subject in specific manner.

Types of Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies– essential to the core of website in order to operate properly as intended as well as to ensure platform security for users.
  • Performance/Analytical Cookies– used to collect statistical information (e.g. number of visitors, usage heatmap) to enhance quality and appropriation of platform’s usability including statistics on how users reach and move around the website. This helps measuring efficiency and effectiveness of web designs as well as advertising placement according to business’ needs.
  • Functionality Cookies– used to recognize preferences of usage when user revisit, in order to configure and provide content in accordance to user’s preferences; e.g. language, region, font size, or video definition.
  • Targeting Cookies– used to record visits to platforms, pages, and links that user have followed through; this set of data is used to personalize our platforms and contents to match your recent interests. We may also share this information with third parties in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes.
  • Marketing/advertising Cookies– used to remember and process the relevance to your platform visit in order to personalize contents shown including optimization of commercial advertising placements. For instances, we use this type of cookies to display commercial advertisements related to user’s attributes and interests as well as to limit how many times should a user see repeated advertisement in order to optimize and measure marketing activities.

Third Party Cookies

In specific needs, IMPACT also use cookies that are managed / owned by trustworthy third parties e.g. advertising display network, marketing services, external web services, social media platform as well as special function service providers such as video or map platforms. The instances of third-party cookies that we use are as the following, but not limited to Google Analytics, Google Display Network, Facebook Pixel, Cxense Data Management Platform, etc.

Setting Use of Cookies

As to be proactive towards personal data protection policies that IMPACT has been emphasizing, we ensure that our users have their affirmative choices not to have unpreferable types of cookies downloaded onto your devices in all cases; although disabling use of cookies is not recommended as it may hold negative impact to user experiences on our platforms, as well as other platforms that you may visit regularly.


You can, at anytime, prevent new cookies from being downloaded or delete existing ones depending on which specific browsers you are using; kindly see the exact steps provided below for browsers of your choice.